We offer a range of training and workshops aimed at increasing awareness of Autism, ADHD and other neuro diverse conditions. Join us and see the world through a different window.

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We can provide one-to-one advice and support to parents and professionals. This could be talking about how to manage behaviour or how to adapt the environment to support sensory difficulties.


We can also offer storytelling sessions for groups of children aged 6-11 to raise awareness of neurodiversity in their peers. Suitable for primary schools, clubs and uniformed groups. A chance to meet Paddy and Pippa Platypus

Mother Knows Best

The old saying ‘Mother knows best’ refers to the maternal instinct and wisdom we develop through parenting our offspring, through our relationships and through our own experience. It is often the wisest course to take note of our mum’s advice as they are usually right! But somehow this does not seem to happen when trying…

Parental Stress and Autism

Parenting Children with Autism is Stressful! Research has confirmed what we already know about parenting a child with Autism. It is stressful. In fact the research suggests that parenting a child with Autism is more stressful than parenting children with other disabilities such as Downs Syndrome. Cashin (2004) describes Autism as a vortex that consumes…

Welcome to Platypus!

Welcome to Platypus! We are a specialist training provider based in Bristol, our training provides a unique blend of research based knowledge and more importantly, lived experience. Whilst I have a MA in Autism and am a qualified Trainer writing and delivering courses for over 10 years, it has been my children that have taught…