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Giving a voice to people with autism and neuro-difference through training, consultancy and support


We offer a range of training and workshops aimed at increasing awareness of Autism, PDA, ADHD and other neuro diverse conditions. Join us and see the world through a different window.

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We can provide one-to-one advice to Professionals, such as school staff, social workers and H.R. managers. We can also provide Parenting Assessments with full written reports.

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We can provide one to one support to families, children, young people and individuals. This includes a post diagnostic support programme and one to one parenting sessions.

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Path of most resistance

I was reflecting recently on how much my adult children with autism have achieved. When they were younger I worried about their futures. I needn’t have, they are amazing young adults who have achieved so much. This made me think about how lives are like rivers, weaving their own unique landscapes.

Autistic People Like Me

I thought as it is Autism Awareness Month, I would share with you a poem written by one of my autistic daughters. All my children exhibit high anxiety (as is common in autism), but I think this poem highlights the level to which their anxiety impacts them on a daily basis. Autistic people like me…

Autism in the Family

I have mentioned in a previous blog the amount of stress parents face when parenting a child with Autism, but it is not just the parents who can suffer stress. Siblings also can feel the effects of having a brother or sister with Autism. Siblings can feel a whole range of emotions. They may go…

So what’s with the Platypus?

Platypus is a specialist training and consultancy organisation based in Bristol, our training provides a unique blend of research based knowledge and more importantly, lived experience. Whilst I have a MA in Autism and am a qualified Trainer writing and delivering courses for over 12 years, it has been my children that have taught me…

Parental Stress & Autism

Parenting Children with Autism is Stressful! Research has confirmed what we already know about parenting a child with Autism. It is stressful. In fact the research suggests that parenting a child with Autism is more stressful than parenting children with other disabilities such as Downs Syndrome. Cashin (2004) describes Autism as a vortex that consumes…

The Wrong T-Shirt

Now this may not seem like a big deal. Surely, it’s not that serious? Well, maybe some days it wouldn’t be. But some days it is. As I collected my daughter’s clothes for school that morning from the utility room I noticed that her blue T-Shirt wasn’t there. My heart sank. Tuesdays was a blue…