Welcome to Platypus! We provide a range of services, workshops and training opportunities to increase awareness and support those living with neurodiversity through the lens of lived experience. This includes; workshops, training, one to one support work with families and individuals, parenting assessments, consultancy and advice. Founded in 2015 by Corrina Wood, we aim to challenge people’s thinking about Autism and enable them to gain a new perspective. Our definition of Autism is:

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that enables an individual to process, connect and experience the world differently. (Platypus 2018)

Working as a Family Services Manager for over 15 years she developed services for families, children and young people. Corrina has extensive experience of working with families where there are children with autism and ADHD. During that time she was also the Child Protection Officer and Safeguarding Lead. She was a practice supervisor for student social workers on placement and was involved in pilot schemes for preventative and early help provisions working closely with the Local Authority.

Corrina has been developing and delivering workshops and courses for over 10 years and is a qualified tutor. She is also a licensed facilitator for the Barnardo’s Cygnet programme, an evidence based programme for parents of children with Autism. Her Masters in Autism focussed on developing tools to increase awareness of Autism in wider family. Her first book, ‘Paddy the Platypus Likes Pants’, a tale of sensory sensitivity, is about to be published.

As a parent Corrina has 4 children with autism and co-occurring conditions including dyspraxia, dyslexia, demand avoidance, processing disorder and selective mutism . Corrina uses a unique blend of research and lived experience to provide thought provoking, interactive and interesting workshops and training courses. Platypus has delivered to a wide range of audiences including; parents, professionals and businesses.

Corrina Wood