Here are just a few examples of our most popular workshops.


A look at how ADHD affects Executive Functioning. When you mention ADHD most people immediately think of hyperactivity. Less is understood about the deficits in executive functioning which impact on learning and managing day to day tasks. This workshop gives an overview of ADHD and the impact on Executive Functioning. Suitable for: Parents & Professionals £25 per person

Great course, thank you. Just the introduction to Executive Functioning I needed. Great resources and information. Trainer very knowledgeable and experienced.” Parent, Bristol

AUTISM & PARENTAL STRESS: What the Research Says

We all know that parenting can be stressful, but what is the impact of having a child with an ASC? Research suggests that parents of children with autism are more stressed that parents of children with other disabilities. This workshop looks at the research to understand the underlying reasons for this. It also looks at the impact this can have on family relationships. Suitable for: Parents & Professionals £25 per person

Leaving the workshop feeling valued and much more positive than when I arrived. Thanks” Parent, Wiltshire


We can offer a range of awareness sessions tailored to meet the needs of your profession or business.  A full day’s training covers: What is Autism? Managing Behaviour; Sensory Issues & Gender Differences. We can tailor this to meet the needs of your particular area of work and include specific topics such as the Mental Health Act, Counselling Individuals on the Spectrum, Supporting Individuals at Work or Working with Families. Suitable for: Professionals & Businesses. Full day training £75 per person or contact us to discuss group rates.

Excellent Course! I gained a greater depth of knowledge. Super pack of information based ‘just right’ I really enjoyed the day. I learnt loads. Thank you” Parent Link Worker, South Glos


A specialist full day’s workshop aimed at professionals working with families where there is a child with autism. This workshop offers an insightful look at family life through the lens of autism. It considers the impact on the whole family and reviews the research. Topics include: What is Autism? Parental Stress, Siblings, Building Resilience and Safeguarding. This workshop is a must for anyone working with families affected by autism. Suitable for: Professionals such as Family and Social Workers, Teachers, TA’s and Educational Welfare Officers. £75 per person. Contact us for costs of group bookings.

This has been one of the most interesting, engaging and useful training I have received. Thank you very much. I like how you have based a lot of the information on research evidence.” Social Work Student, Bristol

Contact us at with your training needs. We can also deliver training on Safeguarding, Autism & Anxiety & The Modern Childhood Experience.

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