As a Disability Consultant, Corrina is happy to meet with professionals to discuss cases. This might be within a school setting to look at specific issues with a child with neurodiversity or perhaps with social care professionals working with families where there are issues around Autism or ADHD. We can also provide advice to businesses about Autism in the workplace.

Context is important here, to understand behaviour we need to understand the context in which it is taking place. We also need to make sure that any support offered is appropriate to the individual with a neuro-diverse condition. Many behaviours exhibited are open to misinterpretation and it is vital we fully understand what is being communicated through those behaviours.

Parenting Assessments

Corrina has provided parenting assessments with a disability focus. This has been where there is an autistic parent, child or both. Viewing the family within the context of autism enables us to gain a clearer understanding of needs and, more importantly, the many strengths they have.

We offer a FREE half hour consultation to professionals working with families or individuals.

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